Short Track is a competitive type of ice skating in which athletes race each other around a 111.12m oval track.  Reaching speeds of up to 50km/hr, racing is exciting with skaters closely jostling for position around tight bends to reach the finish line first.  Often there are thrills and spills as unlike long track skating, athletes don’t have their own lane, and must attempt to pass their competitors in order to progress.

Andy Jung (2nd place – Australia) photo by Martin Holtham

Short Track skating became an official Olympic Sport in 1992 in Albertville.  Australia has a rich history in short track, with world champions and world record holders.  We won our first ever medal with bronze in the mens 5000m relay in Lillehammer in 1994, and gold in that unforgettable race for Steven Bradbury in 2002 in Salt Lake City.